135 Auto Auction
4716 S. Santa Fe
Wichita, KS 67216
(316) 351-5001

About Us

We’re auto dealers just like you and understand the importance of having a quality, local auction each week so you can stock your lots with vehicles your customers are looking for. On any given week we have over 800 vehicles running with over 400 those being new car trades from some of the biggest dealer groups in the Midwest!

Attention Buyers and Sellers · Clean, Progressive, Modern Facility · Clean Cars on Asphalt!

Buyer Benefits

  • Selection of Vehicles- At 135 Auto Auction, buyers are able to select from the largest selection of vehicles in the Midwest.
  • 135 Integrity- Information technology and a strong code of ethics minimize odometer rollbacks & title laundering.
  • Standards- For frame damage and condition reports are more consistent industry-wide.
  • Confidence- Of 135 facilitated transaction; Professional arbitration is available if needed.
  • Convenience- Title Processing

Seller Benefits

  • Critical Mass of Buyers- Interested buyers = more bids = higher sales prices.
  • Affordable Participation- 135 auction fees are extremely low.
  • Fast Source of Cash- Consignors can convert inventory into cash quickly.
  • Volume Sales- Sellers can move large volumes of similar vehicles without depressing prices.
  • Location- 135 Auto Auction is Kansas’s largest and most convenient car auction location.

About Us December 9, 2013